Native Speaker/Heritage Spanish Teacher opening:

Native Speaker/Heritage Spanish Teacher opening:


Please spread the word to anyone who might be interested.


There is an open position at Bloom High School in Chicago Heights. The position is a full-time Spanish teacher to begin as soon as possible. The current position teaches 5 classes in our native/heritage speaker track, Levels 1 and a Level 2. I’ve added a link to the position here and anyone interested that has questions can contact Michael Camp, Division Coordinator for Reading, World Language, and ELL at mcamp@sd206.org.


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Congratulations to our NIESHL Board Member, Dr. Mike Ayala, on his nomination for the ICTFL Paul T. Griffith Teacher of the Year nomination!mike


Thank you for visiting NIESHL at the ICTFL 2018 Fall conference!ictfl2018


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