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Project Eñye is a multi-media documentary project focused on transforming the way we talk, share and view culture and identity. While the Project has created various consumer-facing communications platforms, our most impactful body of work is our short-subject documentary being eñye. The film delves into the shared experiences Eñyes, first-generation American born Latinos to parents from a Spanish speaking country, experience growing up in America. 

The film explores the notion of feeling ni de aquí, ni de allá (neither from here or there) and how this dual-state of identity shapes who we become and how we engage at home, school, work and everywhere in between. The film visually articulates the various states of mind this generation subconsciously navigates such as “feeling stuck between two worlds,” “not feeling American enough for our American counterparts” or “Latino enough for our extended family or native speakers.” Through post-film dialogue with the co-creator, co-director and star of the film, Denise Soler Cox, the Project creates a safe space to have authentic and highly intimate conversations about what it is to be the sons and daughters of immigrants growing up in the United States.

Below is the film trailer. If you would like to bring this film and conversation to your school, organization or conference, please contact Guadalupe Hirt at 303.859.1762 or speaking@projectenye.com.  

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