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2019 NIESHL Spring Conference

Here are  the presentations from the 2019 NIESHL Spring Conference:

Engagement strategies by Mike Ayala EDd and Rebecca Castro

Scarcity, Culture, Resilience by Laura Quaynor Ph.D



If you have a resource you would like to share with the participants of the 2019 NIESHL Spring Conference add it to this document.

2018 NIESHL Spring Conference

Here are the presentations from the 2018 NIESHL Spring Conference held at UIC. The video of the presentations will be coming soon!

The Role of Identity and Social Justice in the HL classroom (Presented by: Meloddye Carpio-Rios, Victoria Tissera, Leire Echevarría and Megan Marshall)

Teaching Heritage Speakers: Thoughts about Assessments (Presented by: Dr. Kim Potowski)

HL Programs and Professional Development for Teachers (Presented by: Dr. Kim Potowski and Nancy Dominguez-Fret)

Literature in the HL Classroom (Presented by: Bernardo Nava)

Video Presentations of the 2018 NIESHL Spring Conference- COMING SOON!


Reading list: We are trying to compile a list of stories, novels, readers, etc. that can be used at different levels in the heritage classes.  If you have one please add it to the document .  This will be an open document that can hopefully grow with time.

2017 ICTFL Fall Conference

Using Music and the Senses to Teach Advanced Poetry to Heritage Spanish Students  Presented by Andrea Quintanar-Schafer and Rebecca Castro on Friday, October 20 at 2:20pm.

2017 Central States Presentations

What They Like and What’s Good for Them: Research Based Strategies a for Spanish Heritage Learners   Presented by Andrea Quintanar-Schafer and Jenna DeFazio on Friday, March 10 at 1pm

¡Quiero mantener mi idioma! Heritage Spanish Research-based Curriculum.  Presented by  Nancy Dominguez and Célida Kipp on Saturday, March 11 at 8am

2017 NIESHL Conference Resources


Group Discussion Posters

If you have a resource/activity you would like to share, please email Jenna at jenna.l.defazio@gmail.com.  Follow us on Twitter for more photos and videos of the conference! @NIESHL1


2016 NIESHL Conference Resources

Panchito y Las Mariposas Monarcas

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