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2017-18 Scholarship update.

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 NIESHL scholarship finalists!  We received more than double the applications of last year and the competition was fierce with so many quality candidates.  The two scholarship winners will be announced at NIESHL’s conference at UIC on February 28, 2018 and will then be posted on-line.

The two winners selected will receive $500.00 each for their post-secondary academic expenses.

Congratulations to all the talented students and hardworking teachers who participated!

Here are the finalists:

Brigitte Carmona, Eric Solorio Academy High School

Clara Duarte, Champaign Central High School

Daniela Gradilla, Chicago High School for the Arts

Carolina Huerta, Bolingbrook High School

Jasmine Media, Evanston Township High School

Elena Morales-Grahl, Evanston Township High School

Kevin Mata, Lockport Township High School

Jennifer Rodriguez-Gomez, Evanston Township High School

Amanda Saranga, Lockport Township High Schooligh


2016-2017 NIESHL Scholarship winner: Nayela Mendoza




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